How to Handle a Carpet Disaster

Unfortunately, from time to time every homeowner experiences some sort of disaster. Whether its something as simple as a spilled glass of grape juice on a brand new carpet, or something far more disastrous such as a flooded home, there is no limit as to what can happen to your biggest investment. Obviously, any smart homeowner has good insurance, and that piece of mind is very important. However, where do you start when something bad happens and what will the process be like? I’ll try to answer some of those questions for you in this article.

So it’s storm season and wouldn’t you know it, you have a leak in your roof. Now if its a minor leak, simple repairs can be made and the integrity of your home can be saved. But what if strong winds rip half of your roof off?! Well, obviously the interior damage is going to be catastrophic. Your carpet is going to be destroyed. Your insurance company will get the ball rolling and get you in touch with a reputable roofing contractor. That is the first step obviously. Secondly, that damaged carpet is either going to have to be extensively cleaned or replaced, depending on the severity of the damage. If the carpet is beyond repair it will need to be replaced by a local carpet installer.

A restoration company will also need to come to your house and provide you with consultation. They will evaluate the condition of the sub flooring and the drywall in your house to see if any of that needs to be removed and replaced. The restoration company’s main concern will be the presence of mold and conditions that will lead to the development of mold. Mold can be detrimental to the health of your family and pets. It will need to be removed if present. Mold remediation can be extremely expensive and research will need to be performed when selecting a proper company.

Once the roof has been repaired, water damage and mold controlled, and the carpets cleaned or replaced, your life will begin to return to normal. Thankfully, a good insurance company will hold your hand through the whole process and ensure that your house gets back in shape quickly. Hopefully, you and your family will avoid such disasters, but if you do experience one of these situations, it is good to know that the world is not going to end.…

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Finding a reputable professional carpet cleaner that is not only experienced but is right for the job can be extremely difficult especially for untrained eyes. Business and home owners take time to see the signs of a poor carpet cleaning or treatment job. You may not discover an unskilled and inexperienced technician if you are not aware of the right questions to ask. Here are some of the ways you can determine whether a professional carpet cleaner is fit for the job or not.

  • Certification
  • Skills, Techniques and Experience

Consider a company that has well trained and experienced technicians. This will guarantee you high quality work within the required time. Carpet cleaning is a process that requires experience an great expertise meaning you shouldn’t allow your carpet to be cleaned by anyone. Take time to analyze and inquire about the training, skills, and experience of the technicians. Employees with the right training won’t use the wrong equipment or chemicals.

  • Reputation

References and reviews can help you in determining the reputation of a professional carpet cleaning company. A professional cleaner with high quality cleaning services will have great reviews and ratings from satisfied customers within your local area. Asking friends or neighbors about a professional cleaning company is also a great way to get their reputation. Be sure to hire a carpet cleaning company with a good reputation.

  • Cost/Pricing

Everyone works with a budget and it is important to find a carpet cleaning provider that offers affordable rates. While this may be necessary take care not to fall for a cheap carpet cleaner that lacks the experience and training required to deliver quality work. Quality work should be your priority even as you focus on getting an affordable rate.

  • After Sale Services and Guarantee

You can find out the quality of service in many different ways. It is essential to consider the policies of a carpet cleaning service provider. There are companies that guarantee its services while others don’t. A professional cleaner that offers guarantee is most likely to be reliable because of compensation in case unsatisfactory service. Consider a cleaning company that will not only clean your carpet but also your home as a form of discount.

  • Cleaning Method

It is important to select a professional carpet cleaner who offers your preferred carpet cleaning method. For instance, you may consider a professional carpet cleaning service provider that offers steam cleaning since you will be sure of the best cleaning service possible. However, if you are not sure about the different cleaning methods used ask the professional cleaner questions about their service.

Carpet Cleaning Tips That You Should Know About

Like every other thing that you regularly use in your home, the carpet needs proper maintenance in order to increase the lifespan of carpeting. While it is important to at least have a one pass using a cleaning machine it may not be enough since debris can get into the fibers and you may need to do a thorough job. Proper carpet maintenance and cleaning is therefore not an option if you want your carpet to last longer.

Here are effective strategies you can use to keep your carpet clean, new, and fresh for years.

  • Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the most important things you need to do as a way of preventing the buildup of soil and dirt. By keeping the coverings on your floor clean and fresh you will be creating a healthy environment within your home. The air within the house is often contaminated by the particles and dirt held in the carpet fibers. Ensure your carpet is vacuumed at least once a week. This allows for the removal of the dust, dirt, and sharp soil particles which can wear out the fibers.

Do not wait until your carpet looks dirty o soiled before vacuuming. In most cases, you won’t see these particles. Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove loose particles such as bugs, food, leaves, and dust.

  • Professional Cleaning

It is important for your carpet to be cleaned by a professional firm that is not only certified but has the right experience in handling the job. This should be done at least once a year. However, you may often need professional cleaning services to clean heavy traffic areas. A professional cleaner will remove the damaging soil in these areas without leaving any residue behind. Note that vacuuming might not remove soil that is deeply embedded within the carpet fibers. Be sure to hire a professional cleaner that establishes ongoing client relationships. Also avoid taking bids over the phone.

  • Protective Coatings

Carpet protectors are usually used to treat residential carpets. However, the stain resisting properties and soil resistor tend to wear off after a period of two to three years. You should, therefore, consider contacting a professional carpet cleaner to treat and reapply the carpet protector after cleaning. This makes it easier for the removal of spots and professional cleaning becomes more effective.

  • Immediate spot removal and stain cleaning

If your carpet gets stained, you should act quickly and remove the stains or spot immediately. The longer you allow a stain or spot to stay on the carpet, the harder it becomes to get it off since it chemically reacts with the carpeting. Use plain tap water first to remove the stain. Avoid scrubbing a stain because this may end up damaging the fibers and creating a fuzzy area.